Launching simple yet powerful digital screens has never been easier

The RocketScreens platform lets you connect, organize and display your most important information to screens improving team engagement, productivity, competition, and compliance. To the moon and back. 

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Engage Your Teams with Cloud Apps and Corporate Content Streamed to Any Screen

Reports / Dashboards

Connect & display your company's dashboards, data, graphs, reports, and even sync cloud accounts like Domo, Salesforce, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI, giving you the ability to push performance tracking info to staff securely to any screen.

Corporate Content

From HR, IT to Compliance, design in Canva or push out your internal built presentations to show important information to your teams, such as announcements or event calendars. Critical info can even be set to repeat urgency and notification type.

PM Tools

Be the team hero and show your managed projects effortlessly by presenting the boards and tasks normally locked away in your project management accounts like Asana, Trello, Github, and more.

Social Everything

...and everything external. Social media, your favorite news feeds, entertainment, weather, videos, and so much more. Make it personal or keep it strictly business; you've got it all at your fingertips.

Team Wins

Give snaps, claps, and shout-outs. Team build, boost motivation, and pump up morale as you give recognition, awards, or rewards to members of your staff for special achievements.

Gamify Work

Who doesn't love a little good ole' fashioned competition? If you're looking to gamify sales initiatives within your company and track stats or wins to put some pep in everyone's step, we've got you covered.

It's Not Rocket Science to  Display 100+ of Your Favorite Cloud Products on Any Digital Screen.

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Simple. Powerful. SCREENs.


Twitter, YouTube, CNN, Facebook... even Tableau is included in our list of today's most popular apps, so you can integrate all your accounts and connect to your favorite content.


With our 4 different player types - Virtual, Physical, Web and Stream - you've have the flexibility and scalability to display and deliver your content thousands of places, thousands of ways.


Manage content any time, anywhere within one interactive dashboard including player schedules, most used slides, top 10 channels, and system messages. It instantly links to update channels, players, and schedules.


Create custom content and graphics with world-leading design software, Canva, straight from the dashboard. Simply drag & drop to add them to existing channels or playlists.


Combine your Images, Videos, PPTs, PDFs... or connect to our Apps to create your channels or playlists to send to 1 our 100 Digital Screens or Devices easily within RocketScreens' easy to use content management system.


Measure audience engagement, track recipient participation and engage your staff from your existing RocketScreens dashboard. Stream™ gives organizations creative control over messages, delivery, recipients, and even read receipts.



Sean Simkins

Sales Operation Manager, TCWGlobal

"The ease of controlling so many different TVs and then personalizing each one at the same time to have the sales-directed metric, marketing included in that process and personalizing it... [RocketScreens] is awesome."

jim decker bw

Jim Decker

Chief Revenue Officer, CheckedUp

“In a couple of minutes, the functionality that I wanted, the screen that I wanted to display and how I wanted to display it was up on a screen in the office... the fact that it’s easy to do things you want to do makes you more likely to use [RocketScreens].”

Wyatt Humphreys headshot_resized

Wyatt Humphreys

Renton Regional Fire Authority

"Since thousands of greater-Seattle residents rely on our first responders, our main goal is to ensure they receive updated data the second it’s available. We needed a way to provide live streaming data by utilizing a TV at every watch desk, and RocketScreens knocked it out of the park. They provided us a powerful, dynamic solution to distribute data fast and effectively. The simple dashboard makes it easy to build channels, and four types of players allows us to reach our first responders no matter where they are. RocketScreens provided excellent implementation & support and we'd recommend it to anyone."