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RocketScreens is a simple digital signage platform that securely connects to over 100 applications to display your powerful information anywhere.

Communication is everything.

You can have brightest and hardest working people on your team and still not make progress. Why? They must all be rowing in the same direction. They must all be paying attention to their most important goals. The must all know how they're performing.

Any CEO knows that is easier said than done.

The CEO of RocketScreens spent 25 years running a performance management company that builds reporting systems for the biggest companies in the world. What he learned was that it doesn't matter how amazing your reports are —  if they don't get seen, they are useless.

That's why he created RocketScreens, a leading digital signage solution for securely sharing what matters most through screens.

RocketScreens supports companies committed to improving communication with their employees, partners, and clients by providing screens that enable them to communicate across locations and teams. We offer more direct integrations than any other provider, allowing information to be organized and flow to your digital screens customized to your demands.  Visualizing your digital data is one of the best ways to boost productivity, team engagement, and success in or out of the office.


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Meet RocketScreens Leadership

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Scott Preszler

CEO, Founder + Creator


Nick Padgett

Director, Product Development

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Simple. Powerful. Screens.

At RocketScreens, we believe in problem-solving. We believe in simplicity. We believe in challenging the status quo. That's why we created the  ultimate content management system and visual messaging solution-in-one to make your lives smarter, simpler, and easier.

Reach your audience like never before. Create, upload, and manage your content from the palm of your hand with an endless variety of premium Apps to integrate, world-leading design tool Canva built right into the dashboard, and 4 Player types making scalability and reach virtually endless, so you can display beautiful, vivid, POWERFUL messaging that targets the right audience with the right message.

So shake things up. Make some waves. Change the way you connect with your audience and harness the power of simple visual messaging. Try RocketScreens today!