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Your Simple, Powerful Screens

With RocketScreens' content management system, it's never been easier to manage your screen displays. Simply upload your content, integrate your apps, and connect your devices. Scheduling your content is a snap. Use your mobile RocketScreens app to manage displays on the go.

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Simple Content Management

Visualize all your Content, Channels, Players, and Schedules on one screen. Mark Channels and Slides as favorites for easy access or duplication. Organize your Workspaces, and segment or secure saved Apps and Channels for different teams, departments, or locations.

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Real-Time, Live Updates

RocketScreens' interactive home dashboard operates in real-time and syncs in seconds. Need to quickly add a last-minute slide to your Channel for an event or presentation? Simply drag, drop, save, and your Channel is immediately updated across all screens.

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Set Notifications + Track Stats

Check out your most-played content, Top Ten Channels, and receive system messages. Manage your notification settings in your profile, or text notifications so you never skip a beat with your RocketScreens account.

All Your Favorite Content

Upload various types of existing content such as images, videos, presentations (PPTs), and PDFs to your RocketScreens dashboard, or even create your own unique content and graphics using the renowned design software, Canva.  Seamlessly integrate your social and business accounts, including today's most popular apps like Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook and Tableau, leveraging the power of over 100 supported applications, allowing you to connect with your favorite content.

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Built For Business

Display data, graphs, and reports, allowing your teams to discover valuable insights in real-time. Send HR or IT updates. Sync your Asana and Trello accounts & calendars for ultimate project management. Give recognition, and even gamify sales initiatives to pump up your team!

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Integrate All Your Accounts

Link all your social media feeds, top reporting and analytics dashboards like Salesforce, Power BI and Grafana, Google, Microsoft, and news channels like CNN and BBC. Don't forget basic messaging, calendars, time and date, live weather, and your favorite RSS feeds or web sources. RocketScreens has 100+ applications to choose from.

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Built-In Canva Design Tool

With a Canva plug-in built right into your main dashboard, it's never been easier to design beautiful screens. Choose from thousands of templates and over a million free photos, illustrations, and icons. Easily customize templates with your own images and color schemes.

All of your critical data, displayed in one place.

Connect to hundreds of your favorite apps. RocketScreens has more direct integrations than any other digital signage provider.

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Easy to Build Channels

Create Channels with your desired content using a simple drag-and-drop system. Build custom Channels by adding any combination of Apps, uploaded content, or Canva designs in any order. Set Favorites, add custom Tags, clone, lock, sort, view time lengths, and enjoy a Schedule previewing feature, with fast forward and rewind. Even add thumbnail images to your Players, Workgroups, or Profile to recognize work zones or device locations easily.

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Simple Drag + Drop Design

Drag and drop any content, including your unique uploaded images, videos, or presentations, custom Canva designs, or feeds from any of our 100+ supported Apps, for endless Channel variety. Mix, match, and sort to your heart's content.

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Set + Find Favorites Fast

Set favorite Channels (or slides) for easy duplication, rescheduling, or future use, and find them fast with your dashboard's search bar functionality.

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Add Tags, Clone, Lock, Preview

Numerous features allow you to custom-tailor your Channels for the exact audience and location. Add custom Tags to Channels, and easily clone, lock, sort, and preview each one for added customization and visibility.

4 Players, Maximum Scalability

With 4 different Player types — Physical, Desktop, Web, and WebTV Player — you've got the flexibility and scalability to display and send your content thousands of places, thousands of ways. Player Groups allow you to easily segment content by interest, audience, or location. From the home dashboard, Players can be paused, locked, and reorganized at the tap of a finger. Update physical locations from your phone, change display orientation, see what Channels are playing where, and set up custom notifications.

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Physical Player

A dedicated piece of physical hardware plugged into your device, such as an Android Media Player or Amazon Fire Stick, always displaying on your screen.

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Web Player

A URL displaying content of a Channel. Share links with individual team members, place it on any web page, or even your own intranet.

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Desktop Player

A desktop application operating on a computer, wired to your screen. Simply plug in an extra computer, install, and run our desktop application.

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WebTV Player

An easy-to-use URL for any SmartTV.   Just open your browser, navigate to the pairing URL, and start broadcasting your content.  No extra hardware needed.

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