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With a Canva plug-in built right into the main dashboard, users can be directed straight to a simple Canva design screen which allows them to create hundreds of types of visual content and graphics from either uploading their own images and illustrations, or selecting from a large number of free, provided graphics, images, illustrations, icons, fonts, templates, and more. Providing our users with the opportunity to create their own original content directly from the platform, add it into any Channel, and display or send it within minutes provides a huge amount of creative flexibility and ease. Make your content your own and custom-tailor your unique messages and visual communications to your desired target audience.

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Intro to Canva

With over 20 million users across the globe, Canva is the leading graphic design platform worldwide that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and all types of visual content. It's available on the web and mobile and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates, illustrations, and more. Users can choose from many professionally design templates, and edit the design and upload their photos, illustrations, fonts, and content through a simple drag and drop interface. The platform is free to use with paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise offering additional functionality. All designs are available for download, and physical products can even be printed and shipped.


  1. Thousands of Custom Templates and Stock Images
  2. Easy-to-Use Editing Features
  3. Simple to Use Interface
  4. Unlimited Storage
  5. Drag and Drop Interface
  6. Upload Your Own Content
  7. Flyers - Presentations - Posters - Brochures - Logos - Invitations - Cards - and More
  8. Pre-sized Templates for all Social Posts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) 
  9. Available on Web and Mobile
  10. Design and Publish Anytime, Anywhere
  11. All Designs Available for Download in Print or Web Format, Available with Transparent Background
  12. Magic Resize Function - Turn Posters into Cards or Banners into Flyers with One Click


Active Canva account


Free (available to all individuals and users with account signup) Desktop and mobile

Use Cases

Reporting & Analytics
Updates & Announcements
Project Managements
Awards and Recognition
Team Gamification
News, Media, or Entertainment
Content or Graphic Design