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RocketScreens Integration

Within RocketScreens, the DSMenu App allows you to integrate your DSMenu account and upload all your digital menus, menu boards, and menu designs. Upload your menus directly to your RocketScreens dashboard and add them to any Channel to display them on TV screens, tablets, mobile devices, and more around any or all of your restaurant spaces and service industry locations to bring your offerings to life to your customers and attract a broader audience.

Intro to DSMenu

DSMenu is a cloud-based digital menu board design application that allows users to create digital menu boards on an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform at no additional hardware cost. It offers digital signage solutions for restaurants. DSMenu is a perfect blend of creativity and technology for revolutionizing digital signage for restaurant businesses and the service industry. DSMenu has redefined the way menu boards are designed with very simple, streamlined capabilities and easy-to-use templates and design functionalities.


  1. Enables Multi-location management by a single admin
  2. The most cost-effective media platform for its industry
  3. Easy installation & operations
  4. Thousands of menu board templates from which to choose, created by professional designers
  5. No hardware necessary
  6. Updates instantly across all synced screens