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RocketScreens Integration

The Grafana Cast within RocketScreens functions by allowing you to integrate your Grafana account and upload all exported reporting and analytics dashboards, data, worksheets, charts, graphs, and other various visual data you've created within your Grafana account. You can add these documents directly to your RocketScreens content and add them to any and all Channels and display them during team huddles, client presentations, internal meetings, conferences, and more. Bring your data to life on TV screens in and around the office, send to internal teams, staff, and employees via our Stream Player, or send as a URL, viewable to anyone with the link, via our Web Player.

Intro to Grafana

Grafana is multi-platform open-source analytics and interactive visualization web application that allows users to query, visualize, alert on, and explore company and business metrics from a limitless list of data sources. Grafana also provides tools so its users can turn time-series database (TSDB) data into graphs and visualizations. It provides these visualizations and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources, and is expandable through a plug-in system. Companies can monitor everything from Prometheus & Graphite metrics, logs, applications, power plants, beehives, sourdough starters, and even custom data sources by utilizing Grafana. Grafana has numerous Fortune 500 companies that use the software including PayPal, eBay, Intel, Vimeo, Rackspace, and more.


  1. A plethora of visualization options, from heatmaps to histograms, graphs to geo maps, and much more
  2. Unify over 30 different types of databases which you can integrate together in one dashboard
  3. Completely open-source, giving you options, and is backed by a vibrant community. Users can use Grafana Cloud or install it on any platform
  4. Hundreds of dashboards and plugins in the official library with new ones being added every week

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