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RocketScreens Integration

Within RocketScreens, the PowerPoint Cast functions by allowing you to upload your PowerPoint content, including decks, slides, and presentations, and add them to your desired Channels to then display them across any number of screens, or, send to any number of recipients. Display them during team huddles, client presentations, internal meetings, conferences, and more. Bring your PowerPoint presentations to life on TV screens in and around the office, send to internal teams, staff, and employees via our Stream Player, or send as a URL, viewable to anyone with the link, via our Web Player.

Intro to PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create clean slide presentations, intricate pitch decks, and gives you a powerful presentation maker to tell your story. Quickly create, edit, view, present, or share presentations quickly and easily from a large number of templates. Presentation creation is highly customizable and easy to collaborate with others. With 1-click sharing, users can quickly invite others to edit, view, or provide feedback on slides and decks. Users have the ability to easily manage permissions and see who’s working in your presentation, as well as ability to view integrated comments within the slides and compare changes to see how your presentation has evolved over time.


  1. Sets of preloaded themes and complete format layouts with accompanying font text, colors, illustrations, and more
  2. Slide transition and animation effects
  3. Presentation function designed to accommodate public speaking, with built-in notes function so  presenter notes beside each slide as accompanying content appear in printed presentations
  4. Full integration and compatibility with all other software in the Microsoft 365 and Office suite, including video integration
  5. Slide Master View allows users to update designs consistently across the entire presentation

  6. Built in alignment guides and grids to ensure consistency
  7. Easily exportable and shareable as PDF

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