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RocketScreens Integration

The YouTube Cast within RocketScreens functions by allowing you to integrate your account and display any of your desired content within your YouTube account, including any video content, channel, playlist, favorites, etc. Display your favorite videos of all types and subject matter including an educational, tutorial, music, news, comedy, and hundreds more on any and all screens of your choice, including TV screens in lobbies, common or waiting areas, conference or meeting rooms, or directly to your staff, employees, or clients' desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. 


Intro to YouTube

YouTube is an interactive online video-sharing platform that allows users to view, upload, and share all types of video content. Creating a YouTube account lets users watch, find, and manage their favorite YouTube content, as well as comment, make playlists, and more. Users can even utilize an embedded player to play videos directly in the app. Accessible via computer (Mac and PC) and app on any mobile or tablet device. From music videos to news to recipes, guides, how-tos, hacks, and more, YouTube is the worldwide go-to for anything involving video content. 


  1. Default features available to all new channels include uploading videos, creating playlists, adding collaborators to playlists, and adding new items to playlists
  2. Features available to channel owners who choose to add a phone number and verify their channel are custom thumbnails, live streams, and videos longer than 15 minutes
  3. Subscriber notifications
  4. 360-degree videos
  5. Featured video or playlist autoplay functionality
  6. Online share buttons, as well as direct external share, "like", watch later, and embed available for users when watching any video content
  7. Live links available in descriptions
  8. "YouTube Studio", which is an all-in-one place where video creators can go to monitor, improve, and optimize there overall channel. Within the Studio, you'll find a Channel Dashboard, Analytics, Insights, Comment Filters, and other tools that can inform your strategy
  9. "Creator Academy" includes lessons and features designed to help you learn and find the information more quickly

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