CheckedUp Motivates Sales Force and Enlivens Company Culture

Using RocketScreens, a Chief Revenue Officer displays real-time sales wins and Salesforce reports on TV screens around the office.

About CheckedUp

Industry: IT Services

Size: 50+ employees

CheckedUp supplies tools and devices at no cost to over 30,000 healthcare professionals to educate patients and provide engaging content. They engage and educate patients and caregivers before, during, and after appointments, empowering more meaningful conversations that lead to decisions made with clarity and confidence.

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Challenge: Boost Sales Performance by Broadcasting Dashboards and Employee Wins

Having an hybrid work environment, CheckedUp struggled to find the best way to recognize employee performance. Old school methods like hitting a gong or giving out plaques simply didn’t fit the bill for this modern tech company. 

CheckedUp’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jim Decker, knew he needed to make it easier for people to see the real-time data that’s already in Salesforce. 

“We have a lot of dashboards,” said Jim. “That’s really what’s determining the good things that are happening with regards to salespeople. And yet [the average salesperson or sales development rep doesn’t] look at those dashboards… so a lot of good things are happening, and I don’t know that everybody understands it or sees it or gets enthused by it.”

He needed an easy way to display Salesforce dashboards on the TV screens hung around the office and on offsite devices. 


The Search for a Display Solution: Enter RocketScreens

Jim considered several solutions: casting-dependent displays, hard-wired displays, and smart-TV displays. None were easy to implement and manage. Then Jim found Rocketscreens.

With constant screen refreshes, easy to follow instructional videos, and a proactive support team, RocketScreens provided CheckedUp with the ultimate solution. 

“In a couple of minutes, the functionality that I wanted, the screen that I wanted to display and how I wanted to display it was up on a screen in the office,” said Jim. “The fact that it’s easy to do things you want to do makes you more likely to use [RocketScreens].” 

The Results: A Thriving Workplace Culture

By using RocketScreens, CheckedUp has streamlined the task of sharing company updates with all employees. 

“It’s really simple for our marketing department to just post everything that’s going on in the company,” said Jim. “And it really has taken the office culture to another level.”

Displaying sales performance through RocketScreens has created a new avenue of positive reinforcement, boosting morale and introducing friendly competition amongst the members of the sales team. Their sales metrics have risen accordingly.

“It's definitely increased the average performance per SDR rep, said Jim. “I can’t really attribute it to anything else [other than RocketScreens] because it’s pretty much business as usual.”

They are also collecting more testimonials than ever from their customer success team. 

“We rely very heavily on testimonials,” said Jim. “So we tell our people, our customer support people and our client success people, to always take a moment and see if you can get them to put down on paper all the nice things they're saying. And we had very nominal success with that. But now we post those testimonials in the office and attribute them to the customer success rep who did it… who doesn’t want to be up on that board?”

The RocketScreens platform comes at a time when many companies have gone remote. “We have people working at home that have our screens… when they’re not using them for demo purposes, they’re displaying these RocketScreens… now the entire company is recognizing the work that’s being done.”

Communication Is Everything

CheckedUp’s goal of creating simple, easy communication across their team fell directly in line with RocketScreen’s CEO Scott Preszler’s vision: simple, powerful screens. With a problem-solving mindset, RocketScreens provides displays that target the right audience with the right message. 

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