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Kibana is a powerful dashboard tool for the wonderful ELK stack. It’s part of the Elastic family and pairs well with Elasticsearch to simply evaluate large amounts of data sourced from a variety of sources, including log files. Some of the applications include time-series reporting, machine learning, and insight into complex relationships with graphs and networks.

Kibana is a perfect example of internal reports you may want to display on TVs around your office, in particular support centers. Broadcasting server performance, web traffic, and visitor behavior throughout the office empowers your staff to discover insights easier, react to issues faster, and optimize their workday.

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RocketScreens simply integrates with Kibana to allow you to show your Dashboards on TVs throughout your organization. We also automatically refresh your data so your team is always kept up to date with the most recent information. No need to login and babysit your TV, we will take care of it all.