Want to See Microsoft OneDrive on Your TV?


RocketScreens lets you display any files in your OneDrive folder on TV, without complexity.

Secure. Your files are read and stored securely with a RocketScreens integration.

Simple. Authenticate with Office365, select your folder, and you’re done!

Automatic Updates. Keep your audience in the loop with automatic updates and file syncing.

Flexible. Dynamically add new content by adding it to your OneDrive folder. No need to log back in to RocketScreens!

Get a 14-Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required!

Setup in less than 2 minutes

Watch how simple and fast it is to setup your OneDrive files on your screens - all in under two minutes!

Why Choose RocketScreens Digital Signage?

RocketScreens is your premier partner in going data-driven. Our digital signage will help you easily share Power BI dashboards, reports and insights - securely and seamlessly.

Better Engagement

Power up your team with digital signage that displays data that matters to them.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate securely with scores of platforms, from Task Management and Business Intelligence, to Stocks and Weather.

Beautiful Visuals

You don't need technical skills to display rich visuals to your audience. Use your own designs, or spice it up with our eye-catching layouts.


RocketScreens is cloud-based and mobile ready. Get easy access or make changes anytime, anywhere.