TCWGlobal Transforms Internal Communications With Easy Digital Signage

With RocketScreens, every department can display dashboards and announcements on designated TV screens. 

About TCWGlobal

Industry: Contingent Workforce Services

Size: 400+ employees

TCWGlobal provides companies with all the needed services, benefits, and technology for easy workforce management. They take on payroll, staffing and placement, provide software management and support, and take the guesswork out of compliance while providing benefits, perks, and person-to-person customer service. 

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The Challenge: Consistently Share Company Reports in a Quick, Easy-to-View Manner

TCWGlobal's worldwide workforce made it difficult for Sales Operation Manager, Sean Simkins, to make sure employees were viewing weekly email reports. Sean even took the extra step of creating report slideshows to display on TV screens throughout the company building.

Knowing emails were easy to miss and having to manually update slideshows, Sean and TCW's CEO knew they needed an easier, more straightforward solution. 

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Stumbling Upon the Solution, RocketScreens

Being heavily involved in day-to-day operations, TCW's CEO began his search and discovered RocketScreens. With his initial trial run in the sales department, Sean was hooked. 

RocketScreens became the solution, providing TCW with the digital signage and proactive support they needed. "Everybody's been amazing from the very beginning to end, from displaying sales metrics in the sales room to marketing pieces across the departments," Sean said.

From HubSpot reports to Canva graphics, RocketScreens' app integrations made access to real-time information quick and easy across all of TCW's departments.

The Results: Customized, Department-Specific Displays

With RocketScreens, each department can remotely access and update its folder within the software, making the process a team effort. "I have my sales folder, marketing has their folder, and that gets updated... And whatever cool thing we want to announce company-wide would be up [on the display.]"

It's become easier for TCW to have individualized displays and avoid any one department getting left behind. "The ease of controlling so many different TVs and then personalizing each one at the same time to have the sales-directed metric, marketing included in that process and personalizing it... it's awesome."

TCWGlobal’s Next Steps with RocketScreens

With an easy-to-use interface, Sean is already thinking of TCW's future with RocketScreens. "[We want to] incorporate the operations team, we need their metrics to be more intentional." Eventually, TCW will incorporate celebrating client wins and using gamification elements to motivate their sales team, boosting the company's already upbeat culture.

TCW chose RocketScreens to change the way it connects with its employees. By targeting the right audience with the right visual messaging, TCW has made delivering information smarter, simpler, and easier.


Change the way you connect today.

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