With 4 Unique Player Types

You Can Build RocketScreens Once & Display It Thousands of Places, Thousands of Ways.

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Physical Player

A RocketScreens Physical Player is a dedicated piece of physical hardware plugged into your Televisions. Examples including Android Media Player or Amazon Fire Stick, simply download our application from the App Store to play your RocketScreens channel directly to your screen. Also known as digital signage, this is a way to display beautiful graphics, images, social media & live feeds, data from integrated business accounts, and more.

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Hardware Plugged into Device

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Displays Directly to Screen

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Real-Time, Live Updates

Web Player

A RocketScreens Web Player is a URL (web address) displaying the content of a Channel. You can share links with individual team members, place it on any web page, or even your own Intranet. Anyone with the link is able to view the Channel or content via their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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Virtual Player Type

Run the Desktop Application

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Plug into your Desired Screen

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No Hardware Required

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Shareable URL (Web Address)

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Displays All Channel Content

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Viewable by Anyone with URL

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Desktop Player

A RocketScreens Desktop Player is a desktop application operating on a computer, wired to your screen. And if you don't own any dedicated hardware, not to worry. Simply plug in an extra computer, install, and run our desktop application - you're good to go.

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Augment Corporate Internal Communications & Better Engage Your Employees

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Easily Segment Content, Messages & Recipients

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Track Staff Participation & Engagement with Read Receipts

Stream Player

Our mobile platform RocketScreens combines advanced content management with POWERFUL visual messaging, providing the ultimate way to connect & communicate with your audience.

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