Top 4 Reasons to Broadcast KPI’s and Reports to Digital Signage

Top 4 Reasons to Broadcast KPI’s and Reports to Digital Signage
May 1, 2023 |

Let’s face it - internal reports aren’t the hottest topic around the water cooler for employees in your organization. But that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be. If you’re already making the most out of your corporate digital signage (TVs, monitors, etc.), you probably aren’t surprised to hear that there’s a way to use your digital displays to maximize your internal reporting, creating an exciting buzz, and improving the way your employees interact with your company and its metrics.


Internal reports don’t have to be dated and bland. The onus is on the company to creative, timely, and meaningful way to communicate its data. The use of digital signage is just another way that companies can take steps to further engage with and inform employees. Read on for details on the four reasons you should use digital displays to showcase your internal corporate reports, and comment below and tell us what you think.

1.   Improve performance

According to a recent study, 57 percent of organizations designated as “best-in-class” use real-time updates for financial metrics. This information illustrates the significance of both real-time reporting and frequent engagement with operational departments relating to internal numbers. While real-time internal reporting may not be feasible for every company in every metric, it’s prudent to strive for updating reports as frequently as possible.


This may seem to run counter-clockwise to the culture of end-period reports. But the more recent the numbers, the more operational personnel are able to see the impacts of their work as it happens. In turn, those departments can react in response to an ever-changing corporate landscape.


Your displays can be personalized for each department, ensuring that the most relevant information reaches the right audience. For example, the sales and marketing departments could see the CRM displayed in their offices, while the financial planning and analysis team could see real-time data to analyze it against forecasted data.


Displaying information once it’s collected and validated, and updating it quickly and regularly, helps give your team the initiative to increase their performance and outperform your competition.

2.   Increase comprehension

On average, people retain about 10 percent of what they are told when asked about it again 72 hours later. However, when shown visuals representing the same data, the retention rate rises to a staggering 65 percent.


It’s not surprising that people don’t enjoy being bombarded with walls of text and bland data compilations. It’s also not surprising that people aren’t likely to retain information - after all, we’re constantly taking in more and more every day. Something’s bound to give, and it’s likely going to be the information that’s dry and unfocused.

Combating this is simple: Use visuals while displaying metrics on your digital displays to increase comprehension and give your internal corporate reports some pep. Break up text with visuals, working to achieve a 50/50 balance of words and images.

3.   Foster engagement

Employees want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. You can use your digital display solution to increase their morale, from displaying employee success stories and wins, to celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries on screen. You can also use it to engage your employees and increase intra-company communication through the display of your internal corporate reports and live metrics.


As we discussed above, people respond better to visual data than to text-based reports. Displaying your visualized corporate metrics makes your employees feel more engaged at work, and ultimately leads to increased productivity. Further, sustaining employee engagement also leads to a higher retention rate of your carefully curated network of high-performing top talent.
BODY 4 Reasons You Should Visually Display Your Corporate Reports


4.   Promote transparency

Internal reporting is all about transparency. There’s going to be information that you don’t want to be shared with the world at large. That’s understandable. But your employees still require your clarity and openness, and this can be done through the automated reporting of metrics via your digital displays. This fosters an environment of transparency and helps your employees feel confident each day about coming to work for you.


As we mentioned above, companies are free to transmit their corporate reports in whichever way they see fit. But it’s important that your reports contain the information that enables your employees to make the best decisions every day. Displaying your live metrics throughout your workplace makes your employees feel secure, comfortable, and confident while performing their job functions and interacting with clients.


Your employees want to feel good about what they do and where they work. There are so many ways that you can foster this feeling through your metrics and reporting, but the most effective and efficient way is by using digital displays.


Simply put, your digital signage solution could be the answer for improving your performance, increasing employee comprehension, fostering engagement, and promoting internal transparency. It’s pivotal for your organization that you make the most of your digital displays by finding innovative ways to display your corporate reports and metrics.


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