Ease Waiting Room Anxiety with Digital Display Solutions

Ease Waiting Room Anxiety with Digital Display Solutions
June 15, 2020 |

A visit to a healthcare provider provokes anxiety from patients and their loved ones who accompany them. The more uncertainty the provider eliminates, the more at ease visitors feel. A digital display solution is an excellent way to reduce uncertainty, check-in times, and anxiety about visits to healthcare facilities.


Digital signage can simplify a patients check-in process, display statuses of patients while protecting their identities, provide targeted entertainment during their wait to see the provider, and give facility directions and any pertinent information to patients. Read on to find out how to maximize the use of your digital display solution, and check out more resources on using digital signage in the healthcare industry here.


More and more healthcare providers are moving toward digital signage as a way to expedite the check-in process, and it’s easy to see why. Self check-in frees up office staff and reduces anxiety-provoking lines at the front desk, and it gives patients the ability to check and double-check their personal and insurance information, minimizing errors.


Offering self check-in to patients has the potential to increase patient satisfaction, shorten wait times, and increase the accuracy of patient information. To make the most out of using digital displays for patient check-in, consider a digital signage solution that makes it easy to turn any screen into high-quality digital signage, such as the innovative offerings by RocketScreens.


Waiting for news about a loved one’s status at a healthcare facility is nerve-wracking, whether that patient is going in for a routine check-up or heading into the operating room for major surgery. Digital signage can be used to display the status of patients, taking the guesswork out of waiting and lightening the load on patients and their visitors.


Facilities can display the status of patients, identified only by a number to protect the integrity of their personal information, on digital signage in the waiting room to keep visitors informed on where they are in the queue to be seen. Surgery centers, dialysis centers, and other treatment facilities can display the status of the patient’s procedures so that their loved ones are away when the operation is finished, or the treatment concluded, and know right away when they’re headed toward recovery.


Nothing works to distract nervous and impatient visitors to healthcare facilities like entertainment. But you can provide a distraction to your patients beyond the traditional waiting room staple of stale magazines by using your digital signage solution.


You can use digital signage in almost endless ways for entertainment purposes. Create a scrolling feed of news, your facility’s social media feeds, funny cat videos, or anything to help your guests relax as they wait to be seen by their practitioner. Consider targeting your content to your audience as well—you’ll be much more likely to attract and hold their attention with media that is relevant to their interests.
BODY Ease Waiting Room Anxiety with Digital Display Solutions


Even small healthcare facilities can have confusing layouts, complete with winding hallways and staff-only entrances. For bigger facilities, the confusion is amplified tenfold. You can use your digital display solution to help orient visitors to your building or campus, provide direction to their destination, and include any relevant instructions to patients and their loved ones.


To make the most of providing direction and orientation to your visitors, choose a digital signage provider that makes it simple for back-end  users to project the right direction on the right screen at the right time. The bigger your healthcare facility, the more important it is that your digital signage can easily be managed from any device, anywhere.


Visitors to healthcare facilities are often nervous and fretful. While little can be done to diminish the uncertainty that comes with visiting a practitioner, steps can be taken using digital signage to ease anxiety once your patients or their visitors are in your waiting room. When providers offer self check-in, display patient statuses, provide entertainment, and give direction and instruction to guests, they’re making the most out of their digital signage solution. Shouldn’t you do the same?


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