How Hotel Digital Signage Displays can Change the Way You Interact

How Hotel Digital Signage Displays can Change the Way You Interact
May 30, 2020 |

The hospitality industry has existed for thousands of years, but in the last few decades it has seen a major upswing in the use of technology to better accommodate guests. Digital signage displays are just one way that hoteliers are changing the hospitality game—one screen at a time.


You can use digital signage displays to create a more intimate experience for your guests, from check-in to check-out. Keep reading to find out how your digital signage solution can forever change the way you interact with your guests.




More and more businesses and services that require guests to check-in are going self-service, and hotels are no exception. It’s an innovative way to reduce the burden on your guests and minimize long wait times instead of expecting one busy attendant to adequately serve several increasingly impatient guests.


Beyond self-service check-ins, digital signage can change the way that you welcome your guests. Hotel managers and owners can welcome guests in their rooms by using the television already on the dresser. Customizable messages welcoming guests to the area, celebrating anniversaries or birthdays, or providing orientation messages will make your guests feel right at home.


Digital signage makes it easy for customers to deliver key messages to hotel guests when they need it. It’s dinnertime? Consider displaying messaging in the lobby or in-room that provides recommendations for local dinner hotspots, a hotel restaurant menu, or an interactive map with dinner destinations embedded in it. Hotels with conferencing centers can use digital signage to display pertinent event information, such as room numbers, schedules of events, and advertisements from sponsors.


Other important messages that you could display include amenities, pool hours and rules, and parking or valet information. You should also consider using your digital signage displays as a solution for emergency messaging, such as storm watches and warnings, facility emergencies, and AMBER alerts, among other things.
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Booking hotels, renting cars, catching flights—it’s all stressful and it’s all necessary for travel. Digital signage can bridge the gap between successful and unsuccessful travel or vacation experiences by providing reliable 24-hour concierge services. Use digital signage to display flight statuses from local airports, a map with rental car pick up and return locations, and other integral travel information.


Hotel guests that speak a foreign language can benefit from the use of digital signage. Instead of tripping over the language barrier, hotels can use digital signage to communicate with guests in their native tongue. In a world of increasing globalization, it only makes sense to make the most of your digital signage solution by providing translated to your guests from around the world.


Brochure racks are a ubiquitous feature in hotel lobbies, but refilling them, organizing them, and keeping them current is an unnecessary hassle. Digital signage can take the place of outdated brochure racks by displaying local attractions and information, such as hours, price of admission, and distance from the hotel. You can also display reviews and ratings of local attractions, allowing customers to head to their destinations informed and well-aware of what to expect.


Digital signage is the perfect solution for hoteliers looking to improve the way that they interact with their guests. From automated check-in to emergency messaging, digital signage is transforming the hospitality industry. Hotel managers and owners looking to foster a more enjoyable stay for their guests should consider the solutions their digital signage displays offer. Whether it’s providing information for travelers or rules for the pool, digital signage is the right solution.


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