How to Choose a Format for Displaying Your Corporate Reports

How to Choose a Format for Displaying Your Corporate Reports
March 19, 2020 |

Even within your field, corporate reporting is an entity all its own. There are a lot of minefields to navigate when determining the right format for all your reports, whether internal or external. When your company makes the decision to use digital signage to display its corporate reports, you must factor in the decision of what format best meets your reporting needs.


Digital signage makes a lot of things easier, but if you’re experiencing a learning curve when it comes to using digital signage to display corporate reports, read on. We’ve done the research on what it takes to determine a format for displaying your corporate reports.




In a world of digital menu boards in restaurants and digital displays in airport terminals, corporate reporting might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of digital signage. But corporate reporting is actually a fantastic use for your digital signage solution. Using digital signage, businesses can easily display reports for internal stakeholders and employees.


What you report on is up to you. Digital signage for reporting is versatile and customizable, making it easy for organizations to display their most important metrics in real-time with the click of a button. Where businesses tend to get hung up is on the format for reporting. With so many formats available and so many uses for each format, it’s easy to see how digital signage users can come down with a case of decision fatigue. While it seems overwhelming, reporting using digital signage doesn’t have to be.
BODY How to Choose a Format for Displaying Your Corporate Reports


Finding the best format for your organization can be as simple as knowing your workforce and as complicated as statistical analysis. What works organically for one business could be wrong for another. Thus it’s important for those implementing their company’s digital signage program to know their audience, what metrics to identify, and how to track the effectiveness of the information displayed.


Consider which reports you access frequently or require your team to access frequently. Analyze which format you usually display your reports in. Are they represented as statistics? Bar or pie graphs? Finding patterns will help you identify what formats have historically worked for your organization. Once you’ve identified your most accessed reports, consider ways they could be displayed that you wouldn’t normally think of. In what format is the information best represented? Your reporting software should provide you with options for displaying key information in different formats, and determining which format is most effective and easily interpreted will give you insight into which format will work best using digital signage.


Chat with your employees to see what format they would like to see reports displayed in. Send out polls and encourage feedback on what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Your internal reporting is only as effective as it is engaging, so taking steps to make your reports more engaging will ultimately make them more impactful.


Once you’ve done your research and reached out to your employees, it’s time to implement the process of putting your information into the proper format for your company. When you’ve got your data in the format you’ve identified, the next step is to identify which departments should see which information. For example, certain metrics and reports will be more valuable to your marketing team than to your human resources department. And remember, even if they’re seeing the same information, IT and accounts payable may engage with the information better if it’s displayed in different formats for each department. Knowing your audience is half the battle in determining the proper format to use.


According to research, employees are four times more likely to be engaged at work when their company communicates with them effectively. This information, coupled with the fact that companies that report higher workplace engagement also report a 26 percent increase in annual revenue, demonstrates the importance of employee engagement for productivity.


Want to reap these benefits for your own organization? Use your digital signage solution to communicate with your employees on everything from employee recognition to P&L statements. Remember—the more engagement you can foster with your employees, the better it will be for your bottom line.


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Digital signage is an effective solution for a lot of industries, and corporate reporting is no exception. Getting the information in the right format for presentation is key for effective reporting and engagement, which directly impacts your bottom line. It takes research and immersion in your corporate culture, but it’s pivotal for making the most out of your corporate reports.