How to Welcome and Inform Your Congregation Using Digital Display Boards

How to Welcome and Inform Your Congregation Using Digital Display Boards
February 3, 2020 |

With so many activities, services, and meeting groups associated with houses of worship, it’s easy to see how important messages can get lost and fall through the cracks. Cut through the noise and eliminate pamphlets, bulletin boards, and other outdated tools by making the most of digital signage to welcome and inform your entire congregation.


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Delivering announcements to the congregation during services seems like a good way to get your message across, but it can leave your congregants scrambling for pens and slips of paper to take notes on and frequently results in both missed and mixed messages. The bottom line? Important details are often lost or forgotten, leaving both you and your congregation confused and frustrated.


Consider using a digital display board to feature your announcements. Situate the display so that congregants can see it as soon as they enter the building and at strategic points throughout your facility. Display meeting times and locations, notices about holiday services, and even birth and wedding announcements. You’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of a holistic digital signage solution, and your congregation will appreciate the visual reminders of important dates, times, and messages.


First and foremost, you want the message of your sermon to shine through to your listeners. What better way to reinforce the key theme of your message than to display a visual representation of it using digital display boards? Feature a verse from your religious text, an inspirational quote, or even an uplifting picture to tie your sermon back to its core message and keep your congregants engaged.


A truly dynamic digital display solution offers you the flexibility to display different messages on different screens—perfect for houses of worship that segment their services by age or other determiners. Innovative solutions, such as RocketScreens, even offer its users the option to change their messages and their screens directly from their smartphone.
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Bulletins are a staple of religious services and have been ever seen mass printing services became available. However, the practice of printing and distributing bulletins is expensive to maintain, taxing on printer hardware, and is wasteful and unfriendly to the environment.


Ditch the printed bulletins for a digital solution. Your digital display boards are the perfect answer to the question about how to move past the age of paper bulletins—why not make the most of them? Putting your schedule of services on the screen saves time, money, and paper.


For houses of worship with blended congregations, communicating in multiple languages is an absolute must. Digital display boards help you communicate with your whole congregation by allowing you to display messages in multiple languages. Seeing a welcome message, relevant announcements and news, and the bulletin for that day’s services in their native language will make your regular congregants and visitors alike feel more at home.


Digital display boards are a cutting edge way to communicate with your congregation. Eliminate wasteful paper bulletins and display your messages, news, and announcements in a variety of languages by using a digital signage solution, like the comprehensive offerings from RocketScreens.


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